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Running P5 on Android | 创意精彩,互动无限!
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Running P5 on Android

星期二, 十二月 15, 2009

想没想过P5写好的程序直接跑在Android上运行?现在你可以体验这一过程了,感谢Ben fry等众人的努力使这一切都变成了可能。需要注意的是以下引用的内容:”It is not ready for widespread use. It should be considered “nightly build” quality. Do not use this code while operating heavy equipment. Do not rely on this code for thesis or diploma work, as you will not graduate. Do not use this code if you’re prone to whining about incomplete software that you download for free. ”  不过谁会在乎呢?最后,在拥有了如此众多的工具和选择后,剩下的只是你的想象力了。



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