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Beautiful Cinder! | 创意精彩,互动无限!
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Beautiful Cinder!

星期五, 四月 30, 2010

BarbarianGroup just release their  C++ framework  Cinder. here’s some quick notes. you have to install the DXSDK and QTSDK,after that open the vc9 folder under the Cinder root then complied it.  you’ll find two  files at the path cinder\libs folder. somehow,i don’t know why there’s a error in the TwMger.cpp file, the code  line “V={%.2f,%.2f,%.2f} A=%.0f?  –> “}” became as “?”.   also make sure to set correct  path for the quicktimeSDK include file. otherwise it keeps saying “can not open “QTML.h”,No such file or directory”

there’re many samples within the Cinder. you can play and learn.some of the application won’t run under the Win7 (Win7 64 issue?)here’s some screenshots. more info via CDM and CP.

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